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Bevel Razor – Buyer Tips

Bevel Razor and Blades – Buyer Tips We can all attest to the need for shaving razors; men for their facial hair, and women for, well, everywhere else. For men, shaving is a matter of maintenance, but it can also be an art form, crafted by a skilled professional. Whereas, for women, shaving is typically more a … Read more

Bevel Shave Brush – Buyer Tips

Bevel Shave Brush – Buyer Tips Maybe you had heard of the bevel shave brush before and asked yourself why they would give you a better shave. Normally shaving brush bristles are made out of a nylon synthetic, boar’s hair, or badger hair. It’s your face, and your morning ritual takes a lot of time … Read more

Bevel Shave Balm & Oil – Buyer Tips

Bevel Shave Balm & Oil  – Buyer Tips  Bevel Shave Balm & Oil: Shaving is an age old tradition that is one of the rites of passage for men, but most men, including myself, find a brand of foam and aftershave and we stick to it for a lifetime. It is a travesty for men to … Read more

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Bevel Shave Cream – Buyer Tips

Bevel Shave Cream – Buyer Tips If you are always shaving and constantly cutting your skin, then it is the time that you learn the best way to shave. Something that you ought to understand is that your razor is very important, as is the shave cream you use. What is the best-shave cream for … Read more


A Look at Different Types of Hair Cutting Styles

A Look at Different Types of Hair Cutting Styles “Lovely hair is the best requital.” This quote says a ton in regards to why we are so connected to our hair, a great hair day makes us feel like a million bucks while a messy hair day can ruin our whole day. While the two … Read more

How To Fade Hair

How To Fade Hair One of the most well-known haircuts in barber shops is the fade haircut. This haircut is typically a cut on the sides and the back of the skull. The hair goes from shorter to longer in an upwards heading. Here is How to do Fade Hair cut. How to How To … Read more

Bevel Trimmer

The Bevel Trimmer Review Is In. Read It Here.

At last, the Bevel Trimmer Review is here. The Bevel Trimmer review is finally in! Are you looking for the ultimate beard and hair trimmer you can rely on for top-notch services? This is a high quality and excellent beard trimmer that is designed to take your trimming to the next level. It offers up … Read more


The History Of Hair Clippers

The History of Barber Clippers   In this day and age, with so many fancy gizmos and advancements in technology, it can be hard to imagine what life must have been like so long ago. From a distinct lack of smart phones to indoor plumbing, it’s hard to argue that most parts of life haven’t … Read more