The History of Barber Clippers

Barber Clippers

In this day and age, with so many fancy gizmos and advancements in technology, it can be hard to imagine what life must have been like so long ago. From a distinct lack of smart phones to indoor plumbing, it’s hard to argue that most parts of life haven’t improved drastically. In fact, even the talents and capabilities of barbers today are enhanced by revolutionary technology. The Bevel Trimmer, for example, has significantly impacted the industry, but stylish cuts weren’t always so easy to achieve.

The Early Years

barber clippers ancient egyptBarber clippers have been around since 3000 BCE, tending to messy manes in places like Egypt, Greece, and ancient Rome. Originally, they worked with the basics—sharpened oyster shells, a particularly refined rock, and quite a lot of oils to prevent especially hazardous situations. The Romans, of course, being the veritable geniuses that they were, revolutionized the industry as their empire grew. They created crude razors and developed creams, and eventually, barbers around the world had access to combs, scissors, and other relatively efficient tools.

The March of Time

antique barber clippersWith barber clippers things began to change when toolmakers and blacksmiths began to experiment with different types of materials. Bronze and copper, steel and iron; these metals changed the face of business. Finally, there were straight razors and decorative handles, functional scissors and shaving brushes. People could actually get their own shaving kit, if they were wealthy enough. Being well-groomed became a status symbol, and everyone embraced the idea of the barber. By the 1800s, stylistic trends began fluctuating and influencing the aesthetics of the day. To meet this growing demand for intricate styles, barbers actually created a hair trimmer that was manually operated. That would be one hell of a cordless trimmer to operate!

Contemporary Hair Care

Nowadays we have the barber clippers, an astonishingly advanced electric trimmer, but that had to come from somewhere. The first electric hair trimmer was invented in the early 1920s, which set off a huge trend for clean-cut and well-shaven men. This style was amplified by the first and second World Wars, which meant more and more technological advances were being made to the original design. A good barber back then would’ve had a high-quality electric trimmer with some sheers, a comb, a brush, and a straight razor, but that’s nothing compared with the influential tools we have today. The cordless trimmer is a wonder, and no one can dispute the importance of electricity, but the Bevel Trimmer, the innovative barber clippers, truly showcases the advances we’ve made throughout time.